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Being arrested can be devastating, which is why you need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to help.  We have helped hundreds of clients accused of committing a serious crime. Click here for more information or call us today at (714) 542-4466 for a free consultation.

We Make Family Law Less Painful


If you need help with a Divorce, Child Custody, Support or another problem, we make the process easier.   Click here for more information or call us today at (714) 542-4466 for a free consultation.

Mediation & Collaborative Divorce


Mediation is an alternative to fighting and can save you significant time & money by allowing you to resolve your divorce without going to Court and on your own terms.  Click here for more information or call us today at (714) 542-4466 for a free consultation.

Don Werno, Esquire is an Award Winning Attorney...

~ Orange County Divorce Attorney ~


Don Werno Esquire      We wish it was easy to find a reasonably priced and highly effective attorney, but it's not. That was until now.  Welcome to the Law Offices of Werno & Associates, a Professional Law Corporation located in Santa Ana, California.

       First, it's important for you to know that we believe in a highly personalized approach to the practice of law, where our primary goal is to serve you.  Because we understand that the legal system can be stressful and intimidating, our experienced and caring staff will devote the time needed to truly understand your legal problem and take the steps necessary to fully meet your expectations.  We will also make sure that you understand all of your options by explaining them in English and not in technical, legal mumbo-jumbo.  Because we handle every case ourselves, if you ever have a question, we're here to fully explain the answer.

       So you know, we aren't just Family Law or Criminal Defense lawyers, although we have been successfully representing our clients in those areas since 1999. Because we care about our clients, we will throughly discuss and explore all of the alternatives to simply battling it out in Court.  In fact, a few of the many ways that we can help you is through our Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation services, which are really good alternatives to litigation that can save you significant time, energy and money.

       Our principal attorney, Don Werno is not only a DRPA Certified Mediator, but also has Bachelor and Master Degrees in Psychology, so he understands the emotional trauma that a divorce, arrest or other legal problem can inflict, especially on children.  Don also has the compassion, skills and resources available to help our clients through extremely difficult and stressful times.  If you would like to know more about Don's extensive education and experience, please click here.

       Unfortunately, not every legal problem can be resolved in a collaborative manner.  In fact, there are some cases where the other side just can't or won't be reasonable.  Don't worry, in those situations we are fully capable of aggressively representing our clients and fighting to protect their rights in Court.  The truth is that we enjoy going to trial, however, trial is never our first choice because of the time and expense involved.  As such, only after we exhaust all other reasonable options will we take the fight to Court and when we do, we fully expect to win.

       Please know that we understand and appreciate your concerns about high legal fees.  It's no secret that hiring a lawyer can be expensive, which is why we work hard to fully explore all of the available options to resolving a client's problem.  In fact, a core philosophy of our firm is to make sure that we weigh the cost and benefit of each option, so that we continually do our best to keep legal fees as reasonable as possible.  In some cases, we even offer fixed fee options and unbundled services, so that we can help avoid unpleasant surprises.  Click here for more information about our unbundled services and unique fixed fee options.  You can also click here for tips on how to keep your legal fees as reasonable as possible.

       To learn more about our firm and how we can help you with your legal problem, feel free to browse this website.  Throughout our site, we have extensive resources, including educational videos , informative pages and even a blog to help you understand California law and the award winning legal services that we offer.  After all, we're here to help you in any way that we can.

       Better yet, give us a call today at (714) 542-4466 for a free, private consultation, so we can personaly discuss how we can help you and make your legal matter as stress free as possible.

       If you'd like to read what our former clients are saying about us, click here and you’ll learn that we care about the people we work for and that we get positive results.  In fact, most of our new clients are referrals from former clients. We also work for many attorneys, who trust us to take care of their own personal legal problems.  Consider this, if an attorney is willing to trust us with their own legal problem, shouldn’t you consider letting us help you with yours, too?        


       It's no secret that we care about our clients and it shows.  Recently, we received the Client's Choice award again, in honor of our dedication and service to our clients.  It was based upon independent feedback that our client's provided and we're honored to know that our clients appreciate our hard work and dedication, too.  While we didn't need another award to decide to dedicate ourselves to taking care of our clients, we sincerely appreciate that they took the time to share their experiences with others.  To our clients, thanks for alowing us to continue to serve you.


The Law Offices of Werno & Associates



       It all starts with an initial consultation, whether in person or by telephone – your choice.  Either way, we will personally take your call or meet with you and give you the in depth attention that you deserve.  Our personal attention goes way beyond the initial consultation or just signing you up – we make every effort to answer our phones at night and on the weekend.  We would rather have a short phone call and put your mind at ease, instead of having you stress out all weekend, just because you couldn’t ask your attorney a simple question.  It’s that kind of personal attention that makes us different and that keeps our former clients sending their family and friends to us for help.  We’d like to help you, too.


       Our principal attorney, Don Werno, is not a one trick pony like so many other attorneys.  He has the knowledge, experience and training to get you through tough problems that other attorneys just can’t or shouldn’t tackle.  To see Don’s resume, click here.   Don's resume includes extensive hands-on experience in a number of technical and professional areas, including Aviation & Aviation Law, Business & Business Law, Computer Programming & Technology, Family Dynamics & Family Law, Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation, Law Enforcement & Criminal Law, Psychology and as a Certificated College Professor.  In some cases, our experience spans more than three decades.  Don’s education includes Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Psychology, along with a Juris Doctor law degree and several other professional licenses, including licenses as a professional pilot and Gold Seal aircraft Certified Flight Instructor.   Don is also a California Dispute Resolution Program Act (DRPA) Certified Mediator.  As you can tell, Don truly has the education, experience and desire to help you through these difficult times. Give us a call and you’ll quickly see why.
       Other attorneys will try and tell you that they “specialize” in just one area of the law like that’s a good thing.  The truth is that knowledge is power and we can move fluidly from one area of the law to another because we have the knowledge and the experience to do so.  We don’t have to make excuses about why we only know how to do one thing – and if we don’t know something, we’ll be honest and tell you; we’ll also work hard to find you the best possible person or resource to make sure you get taken care of, because that’s what we do – make sure that we take care of our clients and their legal problems.


       To listen to some attorneys, it might sound like mediation is a new thing.  It’s not.  Don Werno has been mediating disputes his entire legal career and in many cases, mediation is the best possible way to resolve the problem.  In fact, unlike many other "mediators," Don has been formally trained and is a Certified Mediator under the provisions of the California Dispute Resolution Program Act.  To learn Don’s thoughts on mediation, click here to learn why mediation can save you some serious time, energy and hard earned money.  In truth, after putting the anger and emotion aside, there is usually no reason to fight unnecessarily – that is, as long as all sides are willing to be reasonable and work productively towards a mutually beneficial resolution to their legal problem.  In the end, both parties win big by not wasting precious time and money on attorney fees by fighting needlessly.  After mediating, if there are some things that you just can’t agree upon, we can still ask a Judge to help with the few remaining issues.  That way, we limit the cost of reaching a final decision and help to speed your case through the Court system as fast and efficiently as possible.  In fact, we believe so strongly in mediation that we offer a flat fee, under certain circumstances, where we will mediate an entire divorce or legal problem, so that you never even have to go to Court.  For more information on how we can mediate your entire Divorce for a flat fee of $4,000, click here.
     Unfortunately, there are some cases that just have to be litigated to get resolved.  So be it.  In those cases, Don Werno has proven that he can be a smart, aggressive litigator, who is more than capable of taking the fight to the opposing party and grinding it out until a Judge or jury grants his client the win, or the other side waives a white flag of surrender and settles the case.  In fact, in one case, Don was opposed by as many as six other attorneys and still won big for our client*.
       Regardless of how big or small your case is, or how rich or humble a client might be, we are always concerned with the cost benefit analysis of the various decisions that need to be made to resolve your case and we spend a considerable amount of time educating our clients about their options, so that they can make the best possible decision at each fork in the road.  By watching out for our clients and for their assets, we have repeatedly demonstrated that we are more than just a law firm, we are a valuable resource, which is exactly why new clients often get referred to us by prior satisfied clients and we want to make sure that it stays that way.
       If you’re ready for some serious, no nonsence help with your legal problem, call the Law Offices of Werno & Associates today at (714) 542-4466 and let’s get to work.  Remember, consultations are always free and are always confidential.
* The State Bar of California wants us to make sure you know that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.  So now you know!