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A Blessing

A friend gave me attorney Wernos name after I had been cheated by another lawyer who made me pay thousands of dollars for nothing.  Attorney Werno was very kind and explained what my other lawyer should have done to help me.  He helped me keep my son's father who is a criminal from taking my son away from me.  My son now lives with me and everything is good.  I would recommend attorney Werno to anyone.  He is smart and honest and really helped me out when I needed help.  He always answered my calls and was very calm when I asked him questions and when we went to the judge.  He definitely knows what he is doing and he won't cheat you like other attorneys do.

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Very Caring Attorney

I never thought that I would have to hire a criminal defense attorney, but recently I had to.  After raising our children without any real issues, my wife and I were extremely shocked when our teenage son was arrested on some pretty serious charges.  Not knowing what to do, I asked a business associate for advice and he highly recommended that I talk to Don Werno. We immediately called Mr. Werno, who personally took our call, carefully listened to what happened, then asked a number of questions and finally put our mind at ease when he said that he was going to get to work helping our son, which he did.  He also helped us completely understand the process and what options we had at each point in the process.  It was clear that Mr. Werno was looking out for our interests and not just looking to make some quick money off our misery. I sincerely appreciated his professionalism and his honesty.

During five days of agonizing pain and while the police got their case together, Mr. Werno stayed in touch with us and gave us updates on the police investigation.  He even went to Jail to see our son to make sure that he knew what was going on and to make sure that he was being taken care of as well. That really made my wife and I feel better.  Finally, Mr. Werno gave us the good news that our son would be coming home and that the District Attorney would be dropping the case against our son.  I was really surprised that Mr. Werno actually cared about our mental state of mind and that he took the time to give us piece of mind during the entire ordeal.

I am really thankful that my friend referred me to Don Werno.  I am pretty sure that there aren’t too many attorneys who really put their clients first, but Mr. Werno is one of them.  I could not have asked for a more kind, completely honest and professional attorney to help my family out and if you need a hard working attorney who will be honest and straight with you, call Don Werno.  He’s an attorney who actually cares about his clients and their case.

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Very Direct & Honest

Going to court for a matter that can't be resolved between 2 adults is like the grown up version of 2 kids fighting in the sandbox.  Each side has their own story to tell and each side believes they are right.  Because Don has an extensive background in psychology, he understands the reasons why people do what they do especially in complex situations where kids are involved.  He does a great job in clearly articulating the reasons for some of the actions of the other party which helped put me at ease during tense situations of my case.  

My case was not typical in the least and Don did not try to snow me with things I only wanted to hear, but was very direct and honest and told me what I needed to hear.  He was not afraid to tell me the opposing counsel we were up against was a damn great one.  He was not afraid to tell me the chance of winning my case outright was not great.  What he did tell me however and what he ultimately delivered was that his team would do everything possible to fight for my rights as a father and would go to battle with a heavily stacked arsenal and a concise strategy.

Don's [sic] understands the law very well.  If he does not know the specific area of the law that your case may delve into, he will ask a specialist in that field to get an answer.  For example, Don was able to refer me to a specialist in the field of child custody who taught me how I should behave during my mediation session, as all custody hearings by law are required to attend.  I was definitely well prepared in each step of my case and there were no surprises that came my way, which is not something I can say for the other party I was up against.  

To simply put it, Don and his team are very genuine, hard-working people.  He has a firm grasp of the law, can dive into the psyche of people and their emotions, and is very passionate about what he does.  He is not some low life attorney out there to make a quick buck but instead treats people with respect and lives by a code based on integrity.

As for my case, with Don's guidance, I was able to come to a settlement outside of court with something I am very satisfied with.  All is quiet in the sandbox for now.  Whenever another dustup in the sandbox occurs, I know exactly who I will be calling.

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Highly Recommend!

Mr. Werno took the time to listen to my case, was easy to talk to, trustworthy and extremely helpful with my difficult divorce situation! I appreciate his knowledge, expertise and professionalism. He is result oriented, proactive and he gave me very valuable information. He sets the BAR high for attorney standards. Mr. Werno does what he says he is going to do, he always returned my phone calls promptly and thoroughly explained the answers to any questions I had. I highly recommend Don Werno. A+++ honest guy who will do right for his clients. Thank you!

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Don Will Fight To Get You The Best Possible Outcome

Mr Werno is very knowledgeable in family law and will always represent you and fight for you to get you the best possible outcome. He will keep you very well informed on your case. 

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He Always Came Well Prepared

Don handled my contentious divorce that, unfortunately, ended up in trial. Don's knowledge of family law is strong and his experience in court showed. He always came well prepared and ready to get down to business. Don and his staff are professional, very knowledgable and kept me well informed. I highly recommend Don. 

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Very Personable & Happy to Help

This attorney was very personable and happy to help over the phone, even though my case is from out of state. He took the time to ask specific questions and gave me accurate advice regarding legal forms. I would absolutely recommend him to others in the area. Thank you for your assistance! 

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An Excellent Attorney

I have utilized Don's professional legal services on more than one occasion over the past decade for different types of matters. Mr. Werno has always been patient, insightful and extremely professional. Don is one of the few lawyers that I have met who is highly competent in different areas of the law. When Don was unfamiliar with an issue, he was honest and made sure that he found someone who could truly help me out. 

Don has been more than reasonable regarding the fees that his office charges. I have never had an issue with the work that he has done or the positive results that he has obtained for me. Most recently, I hired Don to represent me in a breach of contract case where I was owed a great deal of money by a former client. The former client and their attorney were obtrusive and protracted the case out as long as possible. Don worked tirelessly and patiently to make sure that my legal position was fully protected and to minimize the impact of the Defendant’s incessant machinations, which the Court allowed to happen, mostly due to the Court being really disorganized and underfunded. In the end, Don prevailed in the case. I am extremely grateful that the case is now over and that I had Don to represent me because he is an ardent advocate for his clients. Don is a terrific attorney who prides himself on his integrity, excellent client service and unsurpassed legal representation. He is not boastful, but should be in light of his legal accomplishments and case records. Any client will be well served by Don Werno.

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I Can Always Rely on Don Werno

After years of paying child support, my youngest child was about to turn 18 and my ex spouse was about to lose the child support that she had been receiving for many years. Just before the support order expired, my ex spouse filed a completely frivolous motion to try and get one last payday, despite the fact that I had gratuitously overpaid her child support for years. 

Don was able to demonstrate to the Court that my ex spouse was not entitled to one additional penny more than she had already received. The Court actually belittled my ex wife for wasting the Court’s time with her motion, especially since I was actually entitled to a refund, that I did not request. 

I have always been impressed with Don’s ability to determine the right way to handle my case, especially when I really needed his assistance. He has always been honest and fair with me. I am truly grateful that Don has been my attorney and I would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.

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Straight Forward and Helpful

I contacted Don Werno to assist me in enforcing my divorce settlements. He was very helpful in giving me various options on how to handle the situation. He was honest and advised me to go to the courts myself instead of charging me for unnecessary retainment of his services. I appreciate all his advice and trying to strategize the best way to handle in my favor.

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I Had Nowhere to Turn...

After running into a legal issue, and feeling like I had nowhere to turn, a friend recommended Mr. Werno.  Contacting him was the best thing I ever did!  Legal issues can be very scary and intimidating, but not only did Mr. Werno take the time to listen to my entire issue, he also walked me through the whole process, explaining legal terms in a way I could understand.  He was very professional, honest, informative, and eased my fears.  He handled the whole issue from start to finish, always called me back quickly to answer my many questions, and gave me solid guidance.  He resolved my issue, and I truly knew I had someone on my side the whole time.  He is truly a life-saver and if I ever need an attorney again, I would go back to him in a heartbeat.

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He Has My Complete Confidence

Don has aided me in my business and als[o]] with my duties as a Church Elder. His advice has been invaluable to me. He has my complete confidence. The best way to avoid trouble is to have sound advice before acting. Don provides that advice. 

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Flawlessly Executed Legal Services

Flawlessly executed legal services. Your motions to Quash were approved even before we arrived to court that morning. Well done Team!!!


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Highly Recommend Don

Don handled my contentious divorce that, unfortunately, ended up in trial. Don's knowledge of family law is strong and his experience in court showed. He always came well prepared and ready to get down to business . Don and his staff are professional, very knowledgable and kept me well informed. I highly recommend Don.

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Look No Further

Don has been my attorney for more than four years. Everytime my ex and I reach a resolution, he lives with it for about a year before he takes me back to Court requesting an increase in visitation (in an attempt to have his support payments reduced). I find Don to be highly knowledgable, honest and fair with regard to his fees. If you are looking for a top notch family law attorney, at least schedule a consultation with Don, I'm confident you will hire him.

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I Can't Thank You Enough

Don, It’s hard to know where to start this e-mail. I guess thanks are most appropriate, but I also feel like I should apologize. I feel like a twelve year-old girl for coming into your office and losing my cool, the way I did, but as you can probably tell, I’m pretty shook up right now. I’ve had some time to think about it now and I think the reason I lost it a little bit is because I have felt really comfortable with you and there appeared to be an instant short-hand between us for whatever reason? Anyway, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me in the brief time I was with you. First, your ability to calm me down and get me into your office – you kept me off the ledge of a ten-story building for a while there. Then your allowing me to come in right away and begin working on this. Of course, your legal magic is something I’ll never be able to fully show my appreciation for, but that isn’t the biggest thing you did for me……the most important thing you did was helping me to realize the importance of being straight with my wife. I came home last night and sat down with [name] and told her that I needed some help. I explained about how I let this thing get it’s claws dug deep into me and that I needed her to know about it. She began to cry a little bit and then hugged me and told me that she didn’t care at all and that all she wants is to help me get better. You were 100% right. It was amazing! I don’t want to go on and on, because I know how annoying long e-mails can be. But I have to take this opportunity to thank you again. You have made a huge impact in the tiny amount of time I have known you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. YOu are an amazing lawyer and inspiration. [Errors and typos in original document].


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A Very Straightforward and Knowledgeable Lawyer!

Don Werno helped me navigate a first time DUI charge in the state of California.  I was referred to Don through a friend.  I was prepared to interview four lawyers.  I met Don for the initial consultation in his office.  He explained very thoroughly the charges and the most likely steps he would take to help me navigate this unpleasant experience.  He was very straightforward about the DUI process and was familiar with the local courts, judges, and DAs.  After speaking with Don for 45 minutes I decided I would retain him. Don kept me informed throughout the entire process, always returned my calls (even the weekends) and made this experience as pleasant as it could be.  Don is VERY fair with regards to his fees.  I am currently enrolled in the required Defensive Driving Class and found out that the lawyer that I thought I originally wanted charged almost 4xs the fee that Don charged and the client received the same punishment with similar case points. I would certainly retain Don again if I were to need counsel!

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Hire Mr. Werno!

I found Don Werno while I was shopping around for attorneys in my area.  As soon as I started talking to him, he made me feel better about my situation.  He noticed the panic in my voice and instantly assured me that I had nothing to worry about and that he would take care of the situation.  He was professional, courteous and knowledgeable.  I got all that I had asked for once my case was settled.  At the end of it all, I had an outstanding bill of $1400 more than he had originally quoted me.  Don waived the entire amount, staying true to the amount he had originally quoted me!  I couldn't believe it! Don sincerely wants to help people and he definitely stays true to his word.  I would recommend him to anyone.  Thanks to Don and his team, I now have a joint custody agreement for my son that I couldn't be happier with.  Thanks Don!  You are truly amazing!

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Personable Attorney with a Broad Range of Legal Knowledge

I worked as a law clerk for Don throughout law school and we still continue to do business together.  I owe everything I know to Don and recommend clients to him when I feel Don would be the best person to handle the matter.  Even if Don doesn't end up being your attorney on the matter he will offer you excellent advice from both a legal and personal perspective. Don has been an outstanding mentor to me and I would recommend his services to any client in need of an attorney who is highly knowledgeable in general business litigation, criminal law, personal injury, family law, and aviation matters.


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Giving Attorneys a Good Name

Don Werno is an outstanding attorney and provided full service which even included counselling to help me through the tough spots.  His knowledge of the law and skills with people make him an extremely effective attorney.  It was a pleasure to work with him and the outcome of my case was beyond my expectations

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An Excellent Aviation Lawyer

Don is very knowledgeable in Aviation Law. His willingness to listen, help and be compasionate is unmeasureable. He is honest and very fair. I highly recommend you reach out to him if in need of aviation advise [sic].

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