~ Important Dui Information For
Faa Certificated Pilots ~

As a Federal Aviation Administration Certificated Airman, there are provisions of the Federal Aviation Regulations that you must comply with in the event that you are convicted for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or both.  Specifically, under the provisions of Federal Aviation Regulation § 61.15 (14 CFR 61.15), all pilots must notify the FAA, in writing, within 60 calendar days of the “effective date” of their alcohol or drug related DUI conviction (and any DUI related administrative action).

Each and every “event, conviction, or administrative action” will require you to provide a separate written notification to the FAA.  Say for example that you are arrested for a DUI and prior to the conclusion of your criminal case, the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspends your driving privileges because of the arrest. In that instance, you are required to send a written notification of the suspension to the FAA.  Later, if you plead guilty or are found guilty of driving under the influence, you then need to send a second written letter to the FAA informing them of your conviction.  Failure to send either letter can result in the FAA taking certificate action against your airman privileges.  In the example illustrated above, despite the fact that you provided two separate notifications to the FAA, the two events will be considered one single event as they arose from the same arrest.

The notification letter should include the following information:

An example FAA Notification Letter can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format by clicking here.

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